Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Nearly 90 percent of men will have to deal with an enlarged prostate problem at some point in their life. And when men are suffering with an enlarged prostate, there are many signs and symptoms that can occur with this serious health issue that they must contend with.

What You Need To Know About Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Any time a man is dealing with enlarged prostate symptoms, they often think right away that they have prostate cancer. Sure, cancer does strike in this form for several hundred men a year but in most cases, enlarged prostate symptoms are signs for a benign condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The first thing you should understand about an enlarged prostate is that it’s a normal part of aging. For most men, it’s nothing more than utter annoyance they eventually learn to live with. For other men, however, it’s more than an annoyance and demands attention and treatment. Whatever the case may be, it’s vitally important that you talk with your medical health care provider and health center to see if any tests must be done to rule out anything more serious.

If any of the enlarged prostate symptoms are because of an infection (urinary tract infection for example), you can clear this up right away with a course of medication. Both you and your physician can decide if your health needs to be monitored should you be suffering with a simple case of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Of course, if the problem turns out to be cancer and it’s caught early on, you must get treatment right away before it spreads beyond the prostate gland.

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms: What You Should Look At For

It’s highly possible to have prostate issues without ever suffering from enlarged prostate symptoms. What are the enlarged prostate symptoms you can suffer from? They can include:

- Urination problems
- Unable to urinate
- Urinating too often
- Increase overnight visits to restroom
- Problems controlling urination flow
- Weak flow of urination
- Irregular urination flow
- Difficulty getting or sustaining erections
- Pain/burning feeling with peeing
- Blood in urine and/or semen
- Pain in lower back, hips or upper thighs

If you believe that you’re suffering from enlarged prostate symptoms and don’t want to see your primary care physician, consider the advice of a urologist who can help you determine what the cause of the problem is. A urologist is the doctor who deals with diseases that strike the urinary system.

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