Super Prostate Formula – How Effective Is It

If you don’t have the kind of money it takes to see a doctor about your enlarged prostate problem, you may look for ways to self-medicate. A way to self-medicate your enlarged prostate problem is to use supplements.  There are all kinds of products on the market but the most commonly known supplement is Super Prostate Formula.

Super Prostate Formula is like many other supplemental products in that it contains a wide array of natural ingredients designed to help men who suffer with  an enlarged prostate. However, it’s this very claim that you will notice the first problem.

There are several ingredients in the Super Prostate Formula supplement including saw palmetto. This supplement is taken out of the palmetto palm tree berries, which can be found along the United States’ Atlantic Coast, usually from South Carolina down to Florida. Saw palmetto is advertised both online and in stores, claiming that it has the ability to shrink the prostate gland’s size and improve urinary symptoms. Is there any evidence that backs up these claims?

Two Issues With Super Prostate Formula

There have been an array of studies done with quite a few of them suggesting that saw palmetto has similar effects to one standard prescription drug that’s been used to treat men with an enlarged prostate. However, other studies have not generated any clear answers with some suggesting that saw palmetto is ineffective. Can you rely on these studies and results? There are actually two issues that must be contended with.

1 – Super Prostate Formula does not need the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval before it’s released to the market and there are no set rules or guidelines to test the supplements. Because of that, there’s no set standard that the company must reach.


Commonly Used Prostate Cancer Terms

Cell-Mediated Immunity – Any immunity is dependent upon the T-cells recognizing of the antigen and destroying any cells with that antigen.

Gantry – This is a radiation therapy hardware that will deliver energy from the linear accelerator. The MLC is affixed to the gantry, which then adjusts the radiation beam.

Percutaneous – This means through the skin

Selenium –This is a rare non metal element often food in food in minute amounts; it does have some effect on preventing prostate cancer.


2 – Any testing must be done by the manufacturer, who obviously wants to see positive results for the product he/she is involved with.  It’s unlikely that a manufacturer will falsify outcomes of tests completed. However, it should be of no surprise that you see outcomes based on how the manufacturer would benefit. It’s not unheard of for manufacturers to just use studies that will generate results that benefit the manufacturer and disregard results that don’t work to their benefit.

There is an array of documentation that says saw palmetto could be quite effective but that the basis of that conclusion is done on variables, which are still questionable.

Whether or not a person uses Super Prostate Formula to take care of their enlarged prostate problem will depend on them. However, it would be in their best interest to talk with their doctor and get his input.

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