What You See and Don’t See In Pictures Of The Prostate Gland

Have you ever seen pictures of the prostate gland? Take a glance at some pictures of the prostate gland and what you’ll see is the prostate gland sitting just underneath the bladder, in front of the rectum. It partially encloses the urethra, which is what the urine travels in from the bladder when being expelled out the body.  

The prostate, which forms one part of the male reproductive system, is in charge of producing the clear liquid that makes up one-third of the seminal fluid. This fluid carries and protects the sperm during sexual contact. 

What You See In Pictures Of The Prostate Gland

During childhood, the prostate gland isn’t very big (usually pea size). However, it grows quickly when the body is in puberty because it’s responding to the testosterone production. The prostate in adults is walnut size and weighs about one ounce.

The prostate gland is in three sections:

- Central

- Peripheral

- Transition

The peripheral section is located at the back of the prostate. This section is where prostate cancer and prostitutes generally develops. The transition section is located in the center of the prostate gland and encompasses the urethra. This is where benign prostatic hyperplasia is noticed.

What You Don’t See In Pictures Of The Prostate Gland

There are many problems that are connected to the prostate gland; the most common is benign prostatic hyperplasia. It’s a condition where non-cancerous cells inside the transaction of the prostate begin to swell the gland and puts pressure on the urethra. This can lead to problems with urination. Another well-known problem in the prostate is called prostatitis; this is an infection/inflammation of the gland itself.

Nearly half of every man will suffer with prostate enlargement by the time they hit 60 years old. By age 80, roughly 90 percent of men will have had an inflamed prostate.

A good deal of the male population will also be afflicted with prostate cancer. Roughly 237,000 men were diagnosed with the disease in 2006. In the United States, about 27,000 men have died from it.

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